The date fruits that taste like heaven


After reading this article, there is one thing I can guarantee. You will never eat a date fruit the same way from now on. You are going to pick and choose your fruit and will be in a constant wonder.
Al Khalas Dates, heard of them?
Have you ever picked a date fruit and thought, ‘that was the best date that I have ever eaten’, and take another and another from the dish in front of you, all the while wondering, ‘where did they come from, they are heavenly.’
Then you think back, to the box of dates that you have at home, and wonder –‘those dates have lasted, they have gone on forever, and they have not spoiled. They are lovely and fresh, BUT, they do not taste the same. They are delicious alright, melt-in-the-mouth, BUT they are not the same. Why is it? They are the same variety, they are both Al Khalas Dates.’
You go back to your Omani friend, and ask, ‘where did you get those Al Khalas dates from that you offered me the other day?’ And your Omani friend tells you that it is from his own date farm. You ask if you could pay a visit to his date farm. He takes you there…
And here starts your ‘trail of discovery’!
You want to find out why?! And there you see the Al Khalas Dates, and he plucks one off the tree, and offers it to you. It is delicious and melts in your mouth.BUT it tastes like the ones that you have at home – delicious, soft, succulent, melts-in-the-mouth… but… a very big BUT… ‘it does not taste like that Heavenly fruit that he gave you the other day.
And you ask him, for one of the Al Khalas dates that he offered you the other day. He offers you the same fruit, and there it is … The Difference! The Flavour! It is like “Manna from Heaven” — rich, heavenly! But why? why the difference?!
You tell him that there is a difference in flavour and richness, and ask why? He tastes it and then starts explaining. And as he explains also begins your “Voyage of Discovery.”

‘The Fruit of the Sun & the Moon Gods’

The warm, energising Sun
Day Harvesting
These ‘sun-ripened’ Al Khalas Dates are prized for their translucent, golden yellowish-brown, delicious melt-in-the-mouth qualities.
However, over a period of time, you will notice that the Al Khalas Dates start losing their translucence and golden yellowish brown qualities. They start oxidising and turn a deep reddish brown, However, they retain their delicious sweetness and nutritional qualities.

The Magnetic Moon

Waxing Moon Harvesting
[First 15 days when the moon is rising to full Energy]
Fruits harvested during this time have a longer shelf-life, retain their freshness, and are slower to oxidise.

Waning Moon Harvesting
[Last 15 days after the full moon waning energy]
During this period plants look lifeless, and all their energies move up to the tips, fruits, flowers and leaves.
Fruits harvested during this period, are to-die-for — flavours and nutritional values are concentrate and intensified.
‘This is the ‘Fruit of Heaven’ that I tasted in my Omani Friends home.
Without realising the effects, he must have harvested that Lot during the ‘Waning Moon’!
When you plant, or harvest, you are going to be the wiser now, and thank the heavens for the Sun and the Moon.”! Next week, we will tackle the Sun & Moon Farming.