The birdie on my window sill

By Padmaja Rupesh

The trauma of the lethal virus has enveloped the globe and so has the fear of uncertainty sleeved my insane thoughts. I reminisce the days when I was loaded with work but fell short of time to accomplish them. It seems like time has swapped his conduct and taken a boundless tryst with me. Sometimes I remain awestruck at his rendezvous while at times I dread his new stride. Days and nights appear to be sheer pranks of mother nature especially because of home quarantine. Often I remain unhinged whether I should schedule my infinite time or seek clever excuses to coalesce with the harmony of leisure.

My petrified subconscious mind wakes me up with a jerk into the dawn of new day which I suspect would offer me only mysterious oblivion. A catnap could have been the most suitable panacea to calm such mind yet, even a deep slumber fails to hearten me these days. The curiosity to know if my mother land as well as the world at large could contain the deadly virus makes me probe into the news headlines every morning. Alas! A mystifying terror runs down my spine when I lay my eyes on the television screen. I curse the detrimental COVID 19. My senses ardently crave to hear some pleasant updates but in vain!

This morning hadn’t been any better. Waking up with a disconsolate perception has become my routine. I drew open the hefty curtains expecting to behold the tall manmade concrete structures and the quiet pathways and street below. Astonishingly, the crisp air was ushered in with an assuaging sight. A cute little birdie had perched upon my window sill. The tiny creature seemed to be excited having vanquished its arena which is illicitly monopolized by the masters of the universe. I instantaneously seized the pleasant sight and I admit it made my day. I posted the image on the social media and a few didn’t forget to reckon that a single bird is ominous. My wits didn’t permit me to accept such delusions but I longed to see the birdie with its partner. Minutes later I could catch sight of the lovely spectacle but the shutterbug missed the chance. Anyhow, the birdies alleviated my rather perturbed emotions.

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