The beauty of Oman’s urban landscape

If there’s one country in the Middle East that perfectly balances nature and culture with progress and development, it’s none other than the Sultanate of Oman.
A trip to this country of peace takes you to a journey through time with its well-preserved villages, historic archaeological discoveries and now, beautifully designed modern buildings with architecture inspired by its dynamic landscape.
Sanak Roy Choudhury is an accomplished travel photographer more inclined and passionate about shooting landscapes, urban landscapes and architecture. Professionally, Sanak is a practising optometrist based in Muscat for the last 14 years. Perhaps influenced by the geometrical and physical optics of his daily routine, his passion for photography has yielded some of the best shots of Muscat.
Having completed a few distinctions such as EFIP (Excellence FIP) from Federation of Indian Photography and EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) from Federation international de L’art Photographique (Brussels), which is recognised by Unesco, Sanak shared that Muscat, with its beautiful lights, is a real beauty to photograph.
He said, “Colours have specific emotions and can help in storytelling. Photographs will radically increase in visual value by adding certain colours to provide certain emotions’’, he said.
“Blue is very interesting because it can give a sense of alienation, of emotional coldness, of loneliness. Even frenetic energy makes people feel anxious, and if we use that for specific images, we will get a certain result of that cool cold aspect. The urban landscapes of Muscat allow for these emotions to come through to the photos,” he added.
He also said that in any typical urban landscapes, “we are almost always going to get a guaranteed winner provided you know how to correctly blend exposures and understand tonal relationships of the colour.”