The allure of Oman aws a romantic destination

Social media was abuzz Monday with the news that actress Priyanka Chopra is in Oman with husband Hollywood darling Nick Jonas for their honeymoon.
The couple who tied the knot almost two weeks ago had a lavish celebration holding a five-day soiree at the Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel from November 29 to December 3. The wedding reception was well attended not only by the whos-who of India but including the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Hollywood celebrities.

While international star watchers are combing through the details of the wedding, Oman netizens were excited over a story Priyanka posted on her Instagram account.
The simple photo didn’t reveal much except for a sweet note Nick wrote on the sand, the initials NJ for Nick Jonas and PCJ for Priyanka Chopra Jonas inside a heart.
Online sleuth probing the photo noted that the landscape was familiar. The single date palm, the palm frond fence, and an emerald beach seemed to indicate that the two are in a Middle Eastern country.
While reaching the couple for an interview proved to be moot, circumstantial evidence seemed to give credit to their chosen honeymoon destination.
ExperienceOman, the official Instagram account of the Ministry of Tourism reposted the photo story and included a comment “Thank you for choosing #oman (heart emoji) wishing you an unforgettable honeymoon!”
This was later supported by Oman Airways who also reposted the story and while the speculation continues, the buzz is already providing the country a needed boost to build its reputation as a honeymoon destination.
Hospitality insiders would later reveal that the couple are staying Six Senses Zighy Bay in Musandam — a perfect getaway for couples who are looking for privacy yet set in a breathtaking location.
Fresh from winning the 2018 Luxury Honeymoon Hotel, Country Winner Oman award given by the World Luxury Hotel Awards, Dr Maryann Roberta, Oman Observer Health and Wellness Columnist and Corporate Director Marketing & Development of Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts shared that the news isn’t surprising as Oman as a country is built to be a romantic getaway.
“Oman is a virgin country that many honeymooners cannot get enough off. The virginity of the country enthralls people to come here,” she said.
She added, “when these newlyweds come to Oman, they will discover a place that is unspoilt and when you venture into its mountains, beaches or sand dunes, you feel like you are the first one to discover it. This is Oman’s gift, it makes you feel like you’re the first one to discover it and make you feel in so short amount of time that it’s your home.”
“For the celebrities, they definitely want the privacy but do not want that it’s too far from civilisation. They need that certain balance of comfort and remoteness and the Omani people are so warm and accommodating and they also value privacy that it is a perfect escape,” she said.
Dr MaryAnn believes that Chopra and Jonas’ visit to Oman, being celebrities, would make people globally to do a second look about the potential of the country as a romantic destination.
Working in the hospitality industry, Dr MaryAnn shared that Oman’s sand, sun, and star would be a memorable experience not just for honeymooners but any traveller.
“The top three experience would be for them to a) visit the country’s golden dunes; b) explore and enjoy its virgin mountains and; c)visit the remote yet romantic islands like Masirah. These three experiences will have a lasting impact on them as a couple,” she said.
“Most couples would like to do different activities together. The reason that Dunes by Al Nahda won the Honeymoon Hotel, Country Winner award is because it is perfectly positioned both for comfort and privacy. It’s but a few hours from Dubai and unlike the Rimal al Sharqiya, the golden dunes have the hotel as its central point,” she shared.
“We have repeat visitors and even though they were not on honeymoon, we always get accolades that they feel like they just went on another one. Oman’s potential as a romantic getaway has always been there. This recent celebrity visit will be a big boost to the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism,” she noted.
For Priyanka and Nick, we hope that the newlyweds will have the best time enjoying the sea, sand, and sun of the Sultanate and will take great memories worthy to be shared to their other powerful friends. There’s no better promotion than getting a shoutout as the best romantic destination from celebrities.