No Thai visa fees for one-month stay

March 15 – Oman nationals travelling to Thailand will continue to get the one-month stay Visa on Arrival for no fees, the embassy officials in Muscat told the Observer.

For the two month visa, Omani citizens should apply at the Thailand Embassy in Muscat. The Tourist Visa fee is RO15 for one month.

For the other nationalities, the single entry tourist visa Thailand applied at the embassy in Muscat will cost RO15, but the same visa on arrival at the airport may cost around RO20, the sources.

The single entry tourist visa will cost RO15 while the multiple entry tourist visas will cost RO70 (valid for six months).

The single entry transit visa will cost RO12.

Thailand has also announced the launch of the four-year Smart Visa for professional and entrepreneurs in Muscat from April 1.

The Smart visas will cost RO140 for one year, 280 for two years, RO420 for three years and RO560 for four years.

Launched this year, The Smart Visa is aimed at entrepreneurs investing in new businesses, highly-skilled professionals, or executives.

“The Thai government hopes the new visa will enable knowledge transfer that will boost business growth and bring long-term economic benefits,” the official website said.

Smart Visa will apply to the ‘S-Curve’ targeted industries:

The First S-Curve industries: Next-generation automotive, smart electronics, medical and wellness tourism, ‘food for the future’, and agriculture and biotechnology.

The five new S-Curve industries: Automation and robotics, aviation and logistics, bio-chemicals and eco-friendly petrochemicals, digital businesses, and medical hubs.

The Smart ‘T’ Talent is meant for science and technology experts, with a minimum monthly salary of 200,000 Baht. Employment contract from an S-Curve company should have a minimum of one-year validity.

The Smart ‘I’ Investor is for those planning minimum investment of 20 million Baht in technology-based companies in targeted industries.

The Smart ‘E’ Executive visa is for those with a minimum of Bachelor degree and 10-years work experience in the field, minimum monthly salary of 200,000 Baht, employment contract from a S-Curve company with a minimum of one-year remaining, high-level executive position and working for a technology-based project within a targeted industry.

The Smart ‘S’ – Start-up visa is for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Thailand. To be eligible for this visa, you must deposit 600,000 baht in Thailand, have health insurance, and set up a company in one of the ten targeted industries within your first year.

Foreigners wanting to apply for the Thailand Smart Visa will first need to apply for a Qualification Endorsement. The SMART Visa Unit will check the application for qualification, and then submit to the relevant government agency for endorsement.