Temperature likely to hit 50

Muscat: The Oman Met Office at Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) has indicated that the temperatures could rise over most parts of the Sultanate starting June 10, 2019 till June 12, 2019 as a result of the northwesterly winds.

Fahud, Sunayna and Ibri touched 48 degrees while Buriami and Rustaq stood at 47 degrees, while Samail, Haima and Adam reached 46 degrees Celsius.  Muscat, Dibba, Nizwa, Bahla, Mudhebi, Ibra, Sur, Mahout and Marmul recorded 45 degrees Celsius on Monday almost making 45 the new norm.  Al Batinah coast in general touched 45 degree Celsius.

While Ras al Hadd and Salalah ranged in the 30s, the coolest places were the Jabals – Jabal Samhan recording 24 degrees, Jabal Al Qamar recording 25 degrees while Jabal Shams recorded a high of 26 degrees.

Supervisors and workers have been advised by Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) to take precautions as temperature soars in various parts of the Sultanate. The authority has urged public to avoid direct exposure to sunlight once the temperature hits 45 degrees to avoid sun strokes, drink ample water and be cautious.

“The desert reaches the maximum by 3 pm and other areas can reach their maximum by 11 am,” pointed out the weather forecaster at Met Office. The northwesterly wind is known for its dryness with no moisture to cool the air leading to an increase in temperature.  The northeasterly wind could decrease the temperature as it comes from the ocean.

The weather expert at Oman Met Office explained, “Al Buraimi is receiving the northwesterly wind from the desert of the United Arab Emirates, while Wusta and Al Dhahira the wind is blowing from the desert in Oman and Saudi Arabia – Ruba Al Khali (The Empty Quarter).” When asked if the temperature could hit 50 degrees Celsius the weather forecaster said, “In the desert areas the temperature might hit 50.”

Nevertheless, along the coastal areas of Oman Sea wind is expected to be northeasterly light to moderate during day becoming variable light at night and southerly to southwesterly moderate to fresh along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea, while it is expected to be northwesterly light to moderate over rest of the Sultanate.

Chances of cloud development over al Hajar Mountains and adjoining wilayats towards afternoon continue and there are chances of early morning low level clouds along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea as well.

While humidity rate ranges between 20 to 65 percent in Muscat, the humidity in Salalah ranges between 60 to 90 per cent. Dust rising wind are forecasted over open areas of Al Buraimi, Al Dhahirah, North Al Bathinah and coastal areas of Al Wusta and Dhofar.