Teenager dedicates medal to her mother

MUSCAT: The 13-year-old Vamika Negi who performed group dance during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Oman visit, gave her mother one of the best gifts for ‘Mother’s Day’ by being awarded one of the three top best swimmers in a tough swimming competition held in Muscat.
The Indian School Al Ghubra student, who passed to ninth standard, also did well in her final examinations, under duress situation.
Vami, as she is fondly known by her near and dear ones, outshined over 330 professional and amateur swimmers older to her and came winner at the recently held swimming competition organised by Nautilus Swimming Club at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, Muscat.
The teenager bubbling with excitement, draped the medal round her mother’s neck saying “this one is dedicated for you Maa, you deserve it more than me.”
To her credit, she has bagged several medals earlier too at various swimming meet in Oman.
Unable to control her emotions with tears of joy, her mother, Pushpa Negi, an entrepreneur plays multiple role in shaping Vami’s passion and academic studies, says, “Despite of her final examinations, she managed swimming practice, though, not regularly and bagged a medal, and at the same time also excelled in her examinations, which itself is a big balancing act.”
Her mother recalling Vami’s earlier days, says, she is a fast learner. “Though keen to swim from childhood, but could get the professional training from last one year only after attempting national level (Oman) qualification from last three years consecutively. Suddenly, with one week training, she was selected for inter-school and then national three years back and hence took up professional training from last one year and rigorously practicing.”
Besides, academics, she is equally good in extra curricular activities and balances her talent and time very well, her mother said.
Vami enjoys trying her hand in different fields to pursue her hobbies, which is whole-heartedly supported by her mother who keeps an eagle’s eye with every minute detail and plan accordingly to achieve her set goals.
The proud mother further says, “She learned classical dance from the age of 5 and she was able to perform the group dance at a very short notice during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Oman.”
To her credit, in her school and other clubs she has also bagged the Best Speaker awards from her childhood and actively participates in events organised for children.
Vami is focusing to gear up with BSM Marlins to get trained to compete in upcoming meets.
Her mother believes, that every child is talented, it is only the parents who can tap them and make them pursue in their interested field.