Technical support vital for entrepreneurs

Salalah: Entrepreneurs and budding businessmen from Dhofar got valuable tips on how to manage businesses and getting technical support to understand the financial implications of their businesses and streamline sources of funding.

An event focusing ‘Activation of technical support unit’ of business establishments was organised by the Dhofar chapter of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) in association with the Protiviti, which offers range of business services in finance, training, human capital consulting, risk compliance etc.

The event opened under the auspices of Shaikh Salim bin Aufit al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality amid presence of senior OCCI officials, private and public sector business representatives and a large number of owners of small and medium enterprises and business owners.

The workshop, according to organisers, was the first step in activating the role of the Technical Support Unit of the OCCI in Dhofar with a view to integrating all the sectors to achieve desired goals. “With the rapid growth and development of the business sector in the Sultanate and growing competitive level in various sectors, there is an urgent need for an entity like this as a key player to support and develop companies. This kind of support is more useful in innovative projects as also in building regional and global partnerships because building smart technology in business management has become an urgent necessity.”

Hussain Huthaith al Batahari, Chairman of OCCI Dhofar, gave an outline of the OCCI’s approach to promote the national economy through innovative and sustainable projects. “It is necessary to invest in a technical support initiative aimed at improving the business environment in Dhofar Governorate in particular and the Sultanate in general. This can be achieved by providing a range of services and means of support for existing companies Ii the governorate and enhance cooperation and partnerships between companies of all sizes and related institutions.”

He also called for creating an environment for business in Dhofar, achieving institutional excellence and efficient resource management, and said, “We hope that this meeting will be the beginning of cooperation between all parties involved in achieving the objectives of this initiative.”

Raed Ali, Senior Manager at Protiviti, called for constant supply of consulting services, business development services, events, business meetings and external expansion. He put stress on capacity building services through vocational and technical training. The various challenges faced by entrepreneurs were also discussed.

The participants raised their doubts, which the experts responded and called upon the budding businessmen to do proper survey before venturing for any new enterprise. The participants also sought of having a register of consultants and experts in the technical support unit to provide the beneficiaries of the unit with their expertise and advice when needed.

In addition to investment facilitation services, the participants called for addressing the issue of decentralised investment decisions, and allowing investors to choose the sites and fields they wish to invest in. There was demand from entrepreneurs to facilitate the work procedures and create an environment for attractive foreign investment to encourage the investors diversity investments and maintain continuity.

Picture taken by Hamed al Khatiri