Team Musandam emerges winner in engineering for kids of ‘Robotic Olympics’

MUSCAT: Engineering for Kids in partnership with BP Oman concluded its hands on ‘Robotic Olympics’ programme on Tuesday. Team Musandam was announced winner of this unique public contest for children with a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
22 teams went head-to-head to the final four in spirited events held throughout the summer months. Competitive young finalists recently convened for the final round held at the National Business Centre, Muscat, where participants form North Al Sharqiyah, Al Dakhliyah, Muscat, and Musandam undertook activities that comprise cutting-edge learning experiences.
Commenting on the event, Ammar Ali Al Maskari, Chief Executive Officer of Engineering For Kids, said, “STEM education is now at the forefront of learning around the world for children of all ages based on the advancements of global industry and the modernisation of many traditional working environments. The level of creative and analytical thought children will need to deliver in their role as future professionals requires early and continued investments if we are to ensure performance. The ‘Robotic Olympics’ is a creative platform we created to have an impact on children and their families across Oman, whilst of course having an exceptional amount of fun”.
Shamsa Ahmed Al Rawahi, BP Oman’s Social Investment Manager said, “Engineering for Kids delivers an important educational initiative which plays a vital role in readying our youth to meet the demands of increasingly competitive markets.
Industry faces skills gap of people trained in STEM subjects and the need to attract more interest from students is critical. There is a direct link between creative and social learning platforms focussed on areas of modern education and the progressive performance of children; thus, we supported these outstanding activities in the drive to contribute to enriching Oman’s national workforce with a cadre of creative and well-educated youth.”
As a part of its wider collaboration with BP Oman to supplement and modernize educational activities in Oman, Engineering For Kids organized a set of workshops under the “Khazzan Engineering Club”, where facilitators from Engineering For kids and additional 29 volunteers from job seekers have delivered up to 70 engineering camps for almost 2,000 children to date. Recent workshops comprised activities that helped students explore and apply the principles of buoyancy and design whilst customizing video game controllers.
Engineering for Kids intakes pupils aged 4 – 14 with the aim of cultivating young minds to develop problem-solving skills that encourage them to discover and understand ‘how things work’ and the principles that enable functionality, be it scientific, technological, mathematical, or mechanical.