Tea and biscuit

By Sayeh Woodman — When it comes to the best cuppa tea we all have our different tastes and how we take it.  When it comes to the best biscuit to dunk then lets cut to the chase, it’s the hob nob biscuit that wins hands down with the ginger biscuit close behind.  The hobnob biscuit is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the action movie industry, strong sturdy and you can keep trying to tire it out, with dunking, but it isn’t going to crumble!
There’s so many different types of teas, lets face it, are you adventurous or do you stick to what you know?  Thanks to my friend Dan, who is a tea connoisseur, I thought it would be nice to share with you the different teas and there benefits, so at least you know what to try if you do feel like a change, lets face it adventures and exploring are so much more fun.
Are any of these, just your kind of cup of tea?
White tea – of all the tea types white tea is the least processed as it is allowed to wither in natural sunlight.  The tea possesses a number of antioxidants and anti aging properties, which give protection against harmful UV light to help maintain healthy skin.
Oolong tea – This tea is a fusion of the fruity flavour of green tea and the rich taste of black tea.  It is believed to remove harmful free radicals from the body, which can contribute to cancer, arthritis and diabetes.
Green tea- has loads of benefits is said to improve brain functional and help concentration too.
Black tea –  one of the most popular tea types is completely oxidated.  It includes English breakfast, Darjeeling and earl grey.  It is low in caffeine and it also balances hormone levels, reducing stress in the process.  A nice dash of milk in it is my perfect kinda cup of tea.
Puerh tea – has been used for centuries by alternative medicine practitioners due to its health benefits.  It is renowned for its digestive and cleansing properties.

Tea without milk is best served in a glass as well.  Retains the heat and you can see the colours transform and merge through the water and teabag.  If you are adding milk, the milk must be cold.  The classic English tea way is to add milk and sugar to ones tea.  Warm milk is a huge fauxpar.
I briefly mentioned about the best biscuit to dunk.  A cup of tea wouldn’t be the same without a little nibble on something.  Nuts and raisins work a treat, so do the biscuits, and a nice piece of cake.  Not that I suggest dunking cake into your tea.  But the best accompaniment when it comes to cake is a light sponge, or sponge cake with jam.
In fact, all this talk of tea and cakes, makes me want to have an afternoon tea.  There are so many delicious choices in Muscat.  If you ever have the chance to visit London, they have various themed afternoon teas, so much so, they are based on books and films, like Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea.  Needless to say they are delectable.
Go on then, it would be rude not to, put the kettle on please, ill have mine with a splash of milk and one sugar.  Thanks!

— sayehwoodman@outlook.com