‘Taqder’ prepares Omanis to enter job market with confidence

MUSCAT: Youth Vision recently concluded its capacity development programme, ‘Taqder’, an initiative focused on developing skills of Omanis and supporting them.
The initiative was sponsored by BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme.
The closing ceremony was held under the auspices of Jokha Bint Abdullah al Shukaili, Director-General of Universities and Private Colleges at the Ministry of Higher Education.
The event also witnessed the attendance of representatives from BP Oman as well as CEO’s and managers of various companies and institutions.
Commenting on the programme, Shamsa al Rawahi, BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme Officer said, “Taqder programme reflects our commitment towards empowering Omani graduates and job-seekers, equipping them with the necessary tools to boost their chances in this increasingly competitive market”.
She added, “The success of the initiative reiterates BP Oman’s commitment to further invest in such capability development programmes, which support national priorities and inspire growth throughout the national workforce. We congratulate Youth Vision for this achievement.” The ceremony began with welcoming attendees and introducing the initiative.
Following that, a video highlighting the journey of the trainees under Taqder was played. Later in the evening, participants of the programme were given the platform to present the projects they had worked on to senior executives to enhance their employment opportunities.
The projects were in various fields including marketing, financial, administrative and others to address the needs of institutions where they trained. They also shared their overall experience of working in small and medium sized enterprises.
“Taqder programme has enabled us to further understand challenges that job-seekers face. The initiative contributed to the preparation of students before graduation by developing the work skills required in the market in a practical manner, not only through traditional teaching methods used in educational institutions,” commented Maryam Khalifa al Amri, Chief Executive Officer of Youth Vision.
“We will be working towards developing and expanding the programme further to reach more potential job-seekers. Furthermore, it has the ability to be applied in colleges and universities to provide students with the necessary skills to overcome labour market challenges,” she added.
During the programme, participants went through various phases, including challenges, discussions and competitions.
Furthermore, several field trips were organised, which contributed to the enhancement of participants’ teamwork, values, self-confidence and problem-solving skills.
The initiative witnessed a registration of 475 participants, out of which 150 were selected for the first stage. They underwent various training workshops under the supervision and evaluation of a specialised committee.
Subsequently, 11 participants were qualified for the second stage, which was a three-month practical training in the SMEs. Through the programme, 16 training and job opportunities were offered.