Taqah woman’s dairy firm a model for others

Asal Aslam Ahrer of Taqah had an urge to do some work and deep in her heart she believed she had to do something which would really make her self-reliant. Just five years ago when she started her enterprises, she never knew that the good wishes earned from her family and friends would turn into a full-fledged business model.
Before giving shape of a business model to her dairy enterprise, Asal did some experimentation at home by making dairy products and distributing them among her relatives and friends. She was encouraged by “very good response” that led her to buy bulk milk from cattle rearers on the mountains and convert it into cheese and butter.
It was a business that began with the passion of a woman, who loved to cook food for her family. She would add some cheese stuffed food and would never know that the small initiative would make her self-reliant and emerge as an example for others to look for an enterprise rather than run for jobs here and there.
Today she produces 500 kg of cheese and butter everyday and finds easy market in hypermarkets and hotels in Salalah.
How could she manage such a big quantity for herself? …and Asal quips, “by dint of hard work, and support from family I could manage this. Moreover, I had natural interest in milk and milk products, so I could easily make what I wanted to.” Today she has built her own integrated business set up named Akawi, which has brought her much desired self-reliance. She is turning out to be an example for many, especially women, who are now following her footsteps.
Asal is happy with her enterprise and income she is getting out of it. “It is enough for me and family as the best part of my business is its location. I operate from home where I get maximum support from my family. Everyone in the family gives me helping hand and when it comes to training and skill development, the government agencies are there to support,” she said with humility and sense of satisfaction.
Asked about her next step or expansion plan of her business, the content businesswoman said, “Not really. I am happy with what I am doing and getting out of it. I will focus on my product’s quality, as my clients buy my products with full faith and I do not want to let them down.”