Tapping into Oman’s fondness for luxury scent

Omanluxury tells you a story where you can see, sense and smell. Each bottle reflects a sensation of elegance felt in every scent, therefore, the brand’s slogan is “A scent of elegance”.
“Since our entry into the world of perfumery in 2012, we were keen to embody value, uniqueness, elegance, and beauty in a fragrance bottle’’, said Muatasim al Hinai, The company’s CEO.
“Our passion and inspiration were to create an international fragrance brand that is unique in every aspect that reflects Oman in a fragrance bottle. Our start was humble during college days and worked on improvements, step by step from 2012 till today. Our main goal was to be an international brand which we managed to achieve by 2017 and 2018 when we successfully managed to exhibit in Italy. Since then, the continuous improvements and passion towards more success never stopped since we have set high standards for our brand’’, Al Hinai shared.
The founders chose the name from the very beginning since their inspiration is mainly from Oman and since they wanted to present luxuriously. “We combined the two words Oman and Luxury in one word “OmanLuxury” he noted.
The Royal incense and Khanjar, for example, both are inspired by the Omani culture. Where, as he explained, the Royal Incense reflects the heritage of trading incense and spices, thousands of years ago in the southern part of Oman. Khanjar reflects an iconic symbol of formality and unique identity of the Omani identity.
“The inspiration leads us into creating a fragrance with an essence that truly represents the idea into a bespoke perfume’’, he added.
Omanluxury is not the only brand in the market in the field of perfumes, but what distinguishes it and may makes it a favourite choice of the Omani consumer, as Al Hinai believes, the brand’s history, success story, quality standards, unique product and brand value and taste.
As an Omani brand, he confirmed that 100 per cent of the manufacturing process is done in Muscat, Oman. Only the raw materials are imported from various countries in Europe and Asia.
The year 2021 marks a new chapter in the history of the brand.
“Our current project is finalising the new image and identity of Omanluxury, where our vision is to achieve a recognisable brand positioning among the leading fragrance brands around the world. We wanted to introduce our brand in a new image that has a modern touch and keeping the authenticity and the spirit of the brand. We now present our self in a new image that truly reflects the quality we are aiming to achieve’’, he said.
He mentioned that Omanluxury is currently based in Oman through it’s two official stores in Muscat Mall and very soon in Salalah Grand Mall. “We are also present in Dubai, Doha, London, Paris, all over Italy, Bucharest and Copenhagen’’, he added.
The positive reinforcement and acceptance of people to their brand boosted their confidence. “Throughout the years, we have successfully gained a unique segment of returning clients since our main objective was to provide a good quality product with a good service’’, he shared.
The Omanluxury brand has won many awards that reflect its excellence. It managed to win two awards presented by the Fragrance Foundation Arabia for the perfume of the year and the best marketing campaign of the year (in 2017), followed by the late HM Sultan Qaboos Award for the best enterprise in the commercial sector (in 2018). “We also managed to feature our brand and present it in two consecutive international fragrance exhibitions held in Italy’’, he added.
They are more than just a brand that specialises in making perfumes. “We have set obligations to benefit the local economy by hiring Omani nationals in our company. On other terms, we promote Oman in our campaigns to show our inspirations and our brand spirit and thus it promotes Oman in terms of tourism and culture’’, he confirmed.