Talent competition held in Nizwa concludes

NIZWA, Nov 12 – The talent competition, organised by the Department of Heritage and Culture in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah, has concluded.
More than 120 students in the age group 10 to 40 years participated in different competitions held at the Nizwa Cultural Centre. The competitions included singing, public speaking, acrobatics, oratory, painting, drawing, digital painting, acting, voice commentary, imitation, sports commentary, magic games and chants. The closing ceremony, held after the elimination rounds, saw 13 participants.
Six participants were honoured for their exceptional performance. Naja al Amiri won the prize for drawing, Jullain for imitation of cartoon voices, and Majid al Busaidi for magic games. The jury comprised Mohammed al Rawahi, programmer and presenter for Oman Radio, and Mustafa al Alawi, a traveller. The objective of these competitions is to help find talent for the upcoming competitions at governorate and national levels.
The closing ceremony was held under the auspices of Hamdan bin Nasser al Rumaidi, a member of Majlis Ash’shura representing Nizwa.