Tab on post-Corona price hike: PACP

Muscat: Strict tab on prices post-Corona will be in place dissuading vendors and service providers from hiking prices of essential goods and services, according to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP).

Wholesalers and retailers in the market cannot raise the prices of essentials without the permission from the Authority which will validate the circumstances under which a hike is requested by the vendor.

“Suppliers cannot increase the prices of essentials post-Corona without the permission from the Authoriy and without any reason,” Omar bin Faisal al Jahdamy, Vice-Chairman, Consumer Services and Market Watch department at the PACP said.

“Goods predominantly FMCG, and services especially barbers and beauty salons cannot increase their prices due to the demand expected after Covid-19 period.”

He said the market has been under close monitoring and 24X7 alert is in place to report any price hike.

He added that prices of all vegetables and fruits, the demand of which will witness a sudden surge after the ‘stay home’ term, are well regulated at the Central Fruits and Vegetable Market in Mawaleh too.

“Prices of fruits and vegetables at the central market of Mawaleh are well controlled and no undue hike whatsoever is visible.”

The PACP has warned vendors against hiking prices of essentials without the permission of the Authority.

Consumers can, if any trade malpractice or price hike is found at any outlet, get in touch with the Market Watch on toll free numbers 80079009 or 80077997 and report violations.