Syrian president hails Oman’s balanced foreign policy

BEIRUT: Syrian President Bashar al Assad hailed Omani wisdom in handling the events, saying that the Sultanate has adopted a stable policy vis-à-vis the political volatilities witnessed by the Arab world, the region and the world. This policy is a result of a comprehensive understanding as to what is going on around us.
In an interview with Oman Arabic, sister publication of the Observer, the Syrian President said: “The Sultanate maintained its relations with Syria since the outset of the events seven years ago, and we appreciate this attitude which we see as a progressive stance stemming from a deep understanding of the events in Syria. Our relations with the Sultanate will grow further during the coming period.
“The Sultanate’s political handling of events at a specific point of time or with respect to certain events taking place in the region or the Arab world cannot be evaluated clearly, however we can measure the Sultanate’s political stances through its dealing with the most important events which had their impact on the region.”

Perhaps the most important of these events was when the world turned over on Iran during its war with Iraq in the 1980s. The Sultanate maintained its relations with Tehran and these relations continued even after the war ended. Not only that, but the Sultanate played a big role in creating proximity between the two warring states. Again, when the world fell out with Iraq in the beginning of the new millennium, the Sultanate did not cut off relations with Baghdad,” the president said.
“Similarly, the Sultanate hasn’t break off its relations with Syria during the past seven-year events despite the Arab, regional and international break-off with Syria. That is because the Sultanate has a deep understanding to what is going on in Syria and the dimensions of the international war which was imposed on Syria. This wise stance stems from a stable approach adopted by the Sultanate in its dealing with the political events.” President Al Assad said. He further stated, the Sultanate has made huge efforts benefitting from its strong relations with the regional parties involved in the Syrian crisis and we greatly appreciate these efforts.