Symposium to review concepts of academic advising from tomorrow

AL RUSTAQ: The National Academic Advising Symposium begins on Tuesday at the College of Education in Al Rustaq under the auspices of Dr Muna bint Salim Al Jardaniyah, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower for Technical Education and Vocational Training.
The two-day symposium will review the concepts of academic advising, its most important mechanisms and challenges in different institutions of higher education.
The symposium’s programme will include 34 working papers, in addition to seminars dealing with various aspects of academic advising issues and reviewing the various experiences inside and outside the Sultanate.
Dr David Lochtie, from the United Kingdom (UK) will take part as a keynote speaker to review the American and British experience in academic advising.
Dr Mehvash Ali from the American University of Sharjah Academy, will take part with a paper seeking to answer why is academic advising an issue in higher education? — ONA