Survey of 380 industrial establishments this year

MUSCAT: The Directorate-General of Industry of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry started its annual survey of industrial establishments for 2018. This year 380 industrial establishments of various governorates were targeted. This survey was aimed at correcting conditions of the industrial establishments and urging them to abide by the related laws and regulations. Saud bin Said al Jabri, Acting Head of the Industrial Monitoring and Control Department of the Directorate-General of Industry, said: “Industrial control is key to ensure that the establishments comply with the laws and regulations governing the sector to improve its efficiency. This survey is conducted with the joint efforts of the private sector and the industrial control bodies in the Sultanate. They continuously supervise and monitor products and production lines.”
He said that the annual survey evaluated the requirements of the national and expatriate labour needed by these establishments, in coordination with the Ministry of Manpower. These visits also include factories which have already been given licences to bring expatriate labour force. Saud al Jabri said that among other objectives of these visits were to monitor any violations or excesses by these enterprises either in the form of expansion and production lines or change in the work sites without obtaining permission to carry out such works. He said that legal actions would be taken against those establishments which would be found violating the laws.
The inspection work carried out by the department included monitoring activities on which the industrial project is based, raw materials, equipment used in the production and assurance of the production capacity. The surveying teams were also trying to ascertain that there was compliance of the safety and sanitation procedures of these projects, encouragement to hire local workforce for all stages of the industrial production work. The government is taking care to support all efforts which help in achieving the objectives of the national programme ‘Tanfeedh’ for diversification of economy.