Support initiative launched for students with cancer

SALALAH, April 15 – A noble initiative, aimed at supporting the students in the age group of six to 12 years and suffering from cancer, was launched at Salalah Gardens Mall, under the auspices of Shaikh Salim bin Oufait al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality. The initiative of Wadi Ayn Primary School titled ‘Unstoppable Ambition’ will be under the supervision of Ministry of Education. The ceremony began with an introduction of the initiative in light of the increasing number of students suffering from cancer in Dhofar Governorate schools.
A presentation detailing the objectives of the project and the role of the ministry in supporting the humanitarian issue and the participation of the
community was shown during the event. Stress was there on the government and private institutions to support the students with cancer in the schools and to help them return to school after treatment.
Through this initiative Wadi Ayn Primary School seeks to bring awareness among parents about their valuable support to their children to complete their studies, and to create right conditions for them at their schools, by providing healthcare, and develop mechanisms
to activate the role of the teacher, school, social workers as well as the students in dealing with cancer patients.
Dr Fatima al Ghassani, Director of Educational Programmes in Dhofar, assured that the ministry pays great attention to the condition of sick students, especially those who suffer from serious illness.
“Data has been obtained for these cases and a working mechanism and plan is being drawn to contain these cases at educational, social, health and psychological levels in cooperation with schools, social workers and mental health professionals,” she added.

Anwaar al Maashani