Supercars Majlis: Leveraging Oman’s tourism potential

Point of View –
Mohammed Mazen –

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the safest countries worldwide. A perfect place for peace of mind and relaxation. The Omani people are famously known for their morals, values, ethics and humbleness. These factors put Oman in an advantageous position to promote its tourism sector which can benefit both the government and the people of Oman.
Supercars Majlis is an example of how Oman’s tourism sector has been tapping into the future. The word “Majlis” means “gathering”. It includes not only family and individuals gathering but, now also car enthusiasts. The Oman Supercars Majlis was established in 2016 to share the passion of driving on the beautiful roads in Sultanate of Oman and around the World.
The Supercars Majlis comes under the umbrella of a club that aims to bring the car enthusiasts both local and expats together in driving and social events. It’s a blend of a local culture that includes supercars from many brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, McLaren and many other prestigious brands.
So, where does the Majlis stand today? As of date, it includes around 70 active members who they gather on predetermined days to discuss upcoming events, prospecting opportunities and most importantly, socializing and getting to know each other as a family.
Till date, the Majlis has held successful events which have created huge positive impact for the local and regional social media platforms and companies. The club has a fan base of 36,000 followers on Instagram account. The aim is to grow the fan base to more than 1,000,000 followers in the coming years.
Management consists of six executive members with different roles and responsibilities who manage the Majlis. The primary aim is to satisfy the wants and needs of the members of the Majlis and to leave a memorable touch to Omani society at all times.
One of the club’s obvious aims is to promote tourism through activities that provide drives around the Sultanate where the ancient history to apprise the group members on Omani society and culture that is largely seeped in mystery. The Majlis plans to explore all Omani roads and cities and search for the Omani cultures and ancient cities especially the ones having the traditional habitat which makes this country unique.
Although, the Majlis has been spreading in Oman as well as outside the region for example in neighbouring United Arab Emirates, future plans include expanding activities into USA, UK, EU etc.
To give an idea of where the Majlis has been through Oman, Supercars Majlis have traveled Oman from Salalah all the way to Musandam and gone through Jabal Akhdhar. It has also been to Al Sawadi Beach Resort and Spa, Khasab, Wadi Dayqah dam, Sifah, Jabal Akhdhar and track racing in UAE.
Ever year a surprise that the club managers announces is called the “Drive of the Season” which, as the name indicates is an unexpected event that is not announced till the very end.
The Supercars Majlis is one of few clubs registered with Oman Automobile Association.
To join the Supercars Majlis club there are a couple of simple requirements, in which the prospective participant has to own an approved car, hold a valid driver’s license, fill Oman Automobile Association form and submit with two passport photos.
The Majlis is sponsored by famous companies such as, Shell Oman, Auto Spa, Roger Dubuis, Al Fardan Motors, Bentley, Pirelli, Vision Insurance, Sobha. Also, the management is working to cooperate with known companies and hotels in the future to expand the reach of the Majlis.
In summary, the Majlis aims to spread the beautiful morals, ethics and values of the Omani society around the world. Nothing better than doing that by traversing the beautiful roads of the Sultanate of Oman. (The author is a member of the Supercars Majlis. Email: