Super Blue Blood Moon on Oman skies

People from different walks of life witnessed the rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’, a unique cosmic event not seen in 36 years, on Oman skies at the specially arranged PDO Planetarium on Wednesday. Skygazers witnessed three lunar events on the occasion: A Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse. “This is a rare combination of three major events not sighted in at least 36 years,” said Sulaiman al Busaidi, Curator, PDO Planetarium, adding that unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse could be safely viewed without any visual aid.

He said a similar event had occurred 55 years ago but this was the first time an eclipse happened as a Super Moon, causing the eclipse to appear closer and bigger. The Super Moon caused the moon to appear 10 to 13 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter. “A Blue Moon happens every two years and eight months, while lunar eclipses during a Super Moon happen almost at regular intervals. There was a lunar eclipse, a phenomenon which occurs at least twice a year, in September 2015,” he added.


Photo by Mohammed al Kharboushi