Summer programme for school students begins

MUSCAT: All preparations were completed well in time for the two-week summer programme for school students across all governorates which began on Sunday. The programme will be held under the slogan of “our summer is responsible citizenship”. The programme will witness the participation of 3,100 students.  The head of the main committee said, “the key focus goes towards the importance of patriotic dimension as values of citizenship should be instilled into students. This can be done through an initiative to serve the local society and deal with its health, social and environmental issues.” The programme now in its ninth edition aims at building a constructive and positive personality for all students.

Meanwhile, the participants will enrol in cultural, scientific and sport activities. “The local committee picked out the heads of the qualified centres and equipped the selected schools with all equipment needed. A meeting was also held with the heads of the centres to explain the mechanisms should be used to implement the programme. A media plan has been conducted to cover the activities of the summer programme. The committee made sure that all needs in the centres, including water, electricity, cleaning tools and means of transport stand ready. All work procedures in the centres are ready for the actual start from the first day of the programme.