Sultanate’s foreign policy earned world respect

MUSCAT: The Sultanate, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, has adopted a “balanced policy” in its foreign relations, which has earned it the respect of all. This was stated by Lord Jeffrey James, Deputy Speaker of the UK House of Lords. He described this policy as “exemplary”. In an exclusive interview with Oman News Agency (ONA), Lord Jeffrey James said that His Majesty the Sultan has a wise vision which enabled him to set a special path for the comprehensive development process in the Sultanate during the past 49 years, which made the Sultanate to occupy a prominent position among countries in many fields.

He praised the development being witnessed by the Sultanate during the past four decades, especially in the infrastructure sector. He also commended the bilateral relations between the Sultanate and the United Kingdom, which are witnessing a remarkable development in various fields, especially in the areas of trade and investment. In response to a question on the future of the Omani-British relations after Brexit, the British Lord described the relations between the two countries as historic and deep-rooted, which began before the British accession to the European Union. He affirmed that these relations will grow whether Britain remains or leaves the European Union.

On his current visit to the Sultanate, he said that his visit comes within the framework of mutual visits between the House of Lords and the State Council, with the aim of enhancing bilateral relations in the field of parliamentary affairs. The British Lord spoke about the parliamentary work in the Sultanate, pointing out that there is a similarity between the two countries in this aspect where there is an appointed council in the Sultanate, namely the State Council, equivalent to the UK’s House of Lords. There is also an elected council in the Sultanate, namely the Majlis Ash’shura, which is equivalent to the House of Commons.

In this context he hailed the shura march in the Sultanate, which despite its modernity compared to Britain, has proved its success in shaping up policies and development plans within the legislative powers granted to both councils. It should be noted that the delegation headed by Lord Jeffrey James is currently visiting the Sultanate as per the invitation of the State Council. — ONA