Sultanate wins honorary award, 5th place at 20 Biennial of Nature Photography tilt

Under different lights of day, the juniper trees of the mountains of Oman juxtaposed against the country’s stark and scenic landscapes are a photographer’s dream.

This year’s entry of the Photographic Society of Oman to the 20 Biennial of Nature Photography for Printed Pictures held in Russia centred around this profound beauty leading to Oman gaining an honorary award at the prestigious event.

The Sultanate, represented by PSO in behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, won the honorary award and fifth place overall after gaining a total of 155 points.

The event which is held by the International Federation of Photography “FIAP” every two years, also awarded Omani photographer Hassan Al-Ghailani the gold medal at the individual level in the same theme with a picture entitled The Juniper Tree.

Each FIAP member state participates with ten photos by ten photographers. PSO has participated under the theme ‘Scenes from the Nature of the Sultanate of Oman.’

The participating photographers were Hassan al Ghilani, Ayman al Balushi, Shathan al Siyabi, Abdulrahman al Hinaei, Abdulrahman al Aghbari, Abdullah al Hadhrami, Haitham al Shanfari, Anas al Theeb, Muhammad al Zadjali, and Qasem al Farsi. The trees were the main focus of all the pictures.

About 30 member states participated in the event.

Italy was the clear victor of the nature photography World Cup after earning a total of 181 points ahead of South Africa who snatched the second prize with 179 points.

Russia won third place with 174 points, and Great Britain ranked fourth with 172 points. Ireland won sixth place with 154 points, then Belgium with 153 points. Serbia, Germany and Space comprised the 8th, 9th and 10th place with 152, 146 and 142 points, respectively.

The Sultanate, represented by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, is keen to participate in the photography biennials organized by the FIAP every two years, and in recent years it has won various advanced places and medals which made the Sultanate, with its young photographers, occupy a distinguished position on the map of photography in the world.

The biennial in the field of photography is an international art exhibition held every two years in a country that is a member of the International Federation for the Art of Photography in which the works of the member states are presented. each country participates with ten pictures under a specific theme, and at the end of each biennial, the organizing committee selects the winning countries. In addition to the individual works award winners, they are awarded medals and honorary awards.


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