Sultanate, UNICEF review scientific and educational cooperation

Muscat: Dr Madeeha bint Ahmed al Shaibaniyah, Minister of Education received Ted Chaiban, Regional Director of UNICEF in the Middle East and North Africa Region, on Wednesday.

The meeting discussed ways of educational and scientific cooperation aimed to serve joint interests.

The minister welcomed the guest commending the strong partnership and cooperation between the Sultanate and the UNICEF office which is aimed at supporting children’s rights and early childhood development and the protection of children amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The regional director of UNICEF valued the achievements made by various sectors of the state within the framework of the constructive partnership between the Sultanate and the UNICEF office. He noted that the projects and initiatives currently under implementation have strategic dimensions and translate the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals as part of the cooperation plan between the Sultanate and UNICEF in the fields of the general framework of life skills and the national educational strategy for people with disabilities.

Al Shaibaniyah underscored the importance of translating the priorities of the Oman Vision 2040 as part of the existing cooperation strategies between the Sultanate and UNICEF. She pointed out the ministry’s efforts to ensure the educational rights of children and the protection of school children against Covid-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic. She praised the fruitful cooperation between the state’s sectors in this regard and the orientation to blended learning and online education at different stages of education in the Sultanate.