Sultanate students win 9 medals in Riyadh

RIYADH: The Sultanate won nine medals at the 6th Gulf  Mathematical Olympiad (GMO) and the 2nd Gulf Physics Olympiad  (GPhO), which are held in Riyadh. Said al Muzahmi, Jumana al Rasabiyah, Raya al Hajriyah, Shatha al Riyamiyah and Rehab al Hakamaniyah, Ruaa al Farsiyah and Murshid al Rashdi won the bronze medal at the  Physics Olympiad and Walaa al-Siyabiyah won the silver medal, The competition is aimed at creating the appropriate environment to  raise the level of scientific competition among students of the member countries in mathematics and physics.
The  Olympiad also held panel discussions on deep and non-stereotypical  questions in mathematics and physics.