Sultanate sees gradual dip in mercury levels

Muscat, Aug 27 – The mercury levels have begun to gradually dip across the Sultanate, with moderate weather in most wilayats, an indication that summer season is coming to an end, according to meteorologists. “As we approach the autumn equinox, which is likely on September 22, we will be seeing moderate temperatures during the night as well as high humidity levels in general with chances of fog,” said Zaher al Shaqsi, a meteorologist. Autumn equinox happens as a result of the sun crossing the equator from the northern half to the southern half of the globe. The earth will receive sunlight evenly. The sun will rise eastward and set westward and both directions can be easily identified. In the same context, Canopus, a bright star most easily visible in the Southern Hemisphere, was observed in the Sultanate at the dawn of August 24. According to experts, the appearance of the star has an astronomical significance, reflected by low temperatures, formation of dew on the tree leaves and short daylight hours.

Zainab al Nassri