Sultanate retains 13th rank on logistics index

MUSCAT: The Sultanate has retained its 13th position at the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2018. Oman maintained its position among the top 10 countries in the sub-indices of Market Compatibility and Market Connectedness ranking third and sixth respectively. The Compatibility sub-index is a measure of market accessibility and the ease of doing business. Six of the top 10 markets for Compatibility come from the Middle East and North Africa region, down from seven last year. The top 10 countries for Market Connectedness, including Oman, exhibited a large amount of continuity year-on-year, as nine markets retained their positions in the top 10.

The rankings of the top four markets — China, India, the UAE and Malaysia — remained the same year-on-year. China retained its position No 1 position, thanks to its continued excellence across all three facets of the index, ranking near the top of the Market Size and Growth Attractiveness, Market Compatibility. India was second with its index score also changing very little. The UAE is No 3 once again, staying atop on the Compatibility and Connectedness sub-indices.