Sultanate reports one more fresh Coronavirus case: MOH

Muscat: One new case of Coronavirus was reported in Sultanate on Thursday, said the Ministry of Health in a statement. With this, the total number of Coronavirus reported in the Sultanate have reached to five.

The statement issued by the Ministry of Health said one more case of Coronavirus in the Sultanate was reported on Thursday. All cases are linked to recent travel to Iran.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health reported first two cases of Coronavirus in the Sultanate on Monday. Two Omani women returning from the Islamic Republic of Iran were the infected. And two cases were reported on Tuesday. The four cases said to be in stable condition.

However, the ministry said all the cases are in stable condition as they are in quarantine. And, no deaths were reported.

The Ministry urges everyone to adhere to the quarantine procedures for all passengers coming from countries where new cases of Coronavirus have been reported and to avoid traveling to countries where cases of this virus have been reported unless absolutely necessary.

It also calls on everyone to maintain public health, follow healthy habits when coughing and sneezing, reduce shaking hands, and avoid cheek kissing and nose-rubbing.

The Ministry of Health has taken measures to ensure availability of masks, hand sanitizers in Oman for the public and not organisations.

Stock shortage of surgical masks and hand sanitizers both in the private pharmacies and suppliers in addition to the prices increase of these products resulted in an urgent meeting on Wednesday at the Ministry of Health’s Directorate General of Pharmaceutical affairs and Drug Control (DGPA&DC).

In a statement to the media, the Ministry of Health said, the meeting highlighted availability of masks and hand sanitizers, and the establishment of the necessary controls for sustained provision in the pharmacies and shops at appropriate prices while adhering to the necessary standard specifications for these products.

Since its outbreak, the United Arab Emirates has reported 13 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, Kuwait has recorded 43, Bahrain has 33 and Oman is at four cases. Iran has emerged as a major hotspot in the region, with 19 fatalities from 139 infections — the highest death toll outside China, where COVID-19 originated.

Oman Air on Thursday issued a statement following the directives of the authorities of Saudi Arabia, said that it will not be able to accept passengers traveling to the Kingdom for Omrah and tourism purposes from countries affected by the Coronavirus from February 27.