Sultanate ranked among most peaceful nations

Muscat: Oman is one the most peaceful countries in the world, according to Expat Insider, which conducts surveys on people residing outside their home countries. On safety and security, Oman is ranked tenth, just behind the United Arab Emirates (9). Among the top expat destinations, Oman has been placed at 31. Bahrain has been ranked No 1. Qatar is ranked 38, followed by UAE (40), Saudi Arabia (67) and Kuwait (68). In terms of quality of life, Oman has been placed at 38, Bahrain (20), UAE (25), Saudi Arabia (67) and Kuwait (68). In terms of personal happiness, Oman is ranked 33 and second in the GCC, only below Bahrain (2).

According to female expats, Oman is at the sixth place out of 67. Oman is among the most popular with expatriate wives as they feel life is very comfortable. “People are very nice and you have a lot of leisure time,” said the survey. In terms of quality of environment, Oman is the GCC States’ standout performer, with more than eight out of ten (81 per cent) rating it high. An impressive 61 per cent of expatriates in Oman gave its political stability the best possible rating, while 94 per cent attested to the peacefulness of the country. The survey quoted an Indian saying, “It is a peaceful and easygoing country, with tremendous natural beauty and super-friendly people.”

The best and most affordable healthcare in the region can be found in Qatar, where 64 per cent of expats say it is affordable. Along with Bahrain (12), Qatar (28) and the UAE (37) appear to be the most digitally connected countries in the region. Oman has been placed at 46. Among all the six Gulf States, finances were among the three most important reasons for expats to move there.

Vinod Nair