Sultanate presents paper at Mauritanian Forum for Deaf

Nouakchott: The Omani Society for Hearing Impaired participated in the Mauritanian Forum for the Deaf, which began on November 22, Thursday, in Nouakchott.
The forum concludes on Saturday November 24.
On the sidelines of the forum, Sultan al Ameri, the first Arab broadcaster to read the news bulletin (in sign language), Dr Aisha al Kiyoumiyyah and Yahya al Barashi, presented working papers for people with hearing disabilities.

The papers dealt with changing the stereotypes of people with disabilities and how the society’s perception and thinking of them has changed in the media.
The third paper entitled ‘penetrate the world of autism’ dealt with autistic persons who have the disability in many ways. The fourth paper dealt with University education for people with hearing disabilities and its challenges.
The forum was attended by associations of people with different hearing disabilities from Arab countries, including the Arab Center for Specialised Media for People with Disabilities and the Gulf Society of Disability. — ONA