Sultanate marks World TV Day

MUSCAT: The Sultanate is participating in the celebration of the World Television Day, which falls on November 21 every year.
The United Nations (UN) marked the first world television forum in 1996, when senior media figures met under the auspices of the UN to discuss the increasing importance of television in today’s changing world and how to enhance cooperation in the area.
To mark the occasion, the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) issued a statistical report on the number of public and private television transmission hours, which amounted to 35,136 hours during 2016 at a rate of 96 hours per day.
The programmes varied between news, development, religious, cultural, education, youth, sports, children, recreational and art programmes and announcement.
The data showed that the total government television transmission in 2016 was 8,784 hours and 24 hours a day for both the public channel (Oman TV), the sports channel, the Oman channel direct and cultural channel while the total private television transmission during the year amounted to 26,352 hours, 24 hours a day to Majan, Sanad and Al Istiqama channels.
According to the type of programmes, entertainment and art programmes acquired 2,622 hours on Oman TV and 9,192 hours on private television channel.
Development programmes were transmitted for 1,809 hours on Oman TV and 1,369 hours on private television.
Religious, cultural and educational programmes took over 1,717 hours on Oman TV (public channel) and 4,060 hours on private television.
The news programmes took a total of 1,502 hours on Oman TV.
The number of hours of children’s programmes was 789 hours on Oman TV and 1,341 hours on private television. The Youth and Sports programmes has a total of 94 hours of television transmission on Oman TV and 2,680 on private television. The number of connecting programme and announcement hours reached 251 hours on Oman TV, and 6,778 hours on private television. — ONA