Sultanate joins Unesco-IGCP

PARIS: The Sultanate, represented by Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), obtained the membership of the UNESCO’‘s Council of International Geo-science Programme (IGCP) for four years. The Sultanate’s membership was part of the cooperation between the Omani National Commission for Education, Culture and Science and the Unesco. The membership of the Director of the Earth Science Research Center at SQU was approved. It is the first time that Arab countries are represented in the programme since its inception in 1972.
IGCP focuses on promoting scientific exchange through studies and research related to geological layers, focusing on basic scientific research and linking events across the history of the Earth. The programme also supports the work on five themes: Land Resources, Geological Hazards, Earth Dynamics, and Global Change in the Geological Record of the Earth. The programme has supported more than 500 projects submitted by 150 countries participating in the programme, particularly projects by young scientists in developing countries.
Its main objective is to strengthen research partnerships between developing and developed countries, to provide opportunities for young scientists to develop their research, to focus on women’s role in scientific research, sustainable development of natural and aquatic resources, and to support research on climate change and life progress on Earth. — ONA