Sultanate a popular destination in region

The journalists gathered during the conference of Arab Center for Tourist Media hailed Oman’s position as a good tourism destination in the region. They found all the vitals of a healthy tourism destination in Oman.
Dr Said El Batouty, Faculty of Economics Goethe University in Germany, Economic Adviser to the UNWTO and Member of the Economic Commission for Europe UNECE, appreciated the growth Oman has achieved during the recent years.

He was all praise for the good image that Oman has maintained, particularly among the tourists, as he saw good inquiry about Salalah from European nationals.
“They are fond of tourism and being in Germany for so many years I can say that Salalah as a tourist destination is very popular among the Germans. I am also a member of the German Travel Association and done a good research on Salalah to find that the destination is going through sustainable development.”
This was El Batouty’s second visit to Salalah. He had come earlier as a cruise passenger 12 years ago. He was quite impressed this time with what he could see during his transfer from airport to the hotel. “I am yet to see the tourist destinations but what I could sense was very good and this is my first impression about Salalah this time.”
Dr Camia Mahmoud, Head of Radio Sout el Arab Egypt, also liked Salalah particularly its weather this time around. “I had heard a lot about Salalah from some of my friends living here. After coming here I realised that the place is much more than what I had heard from them,” she said. Gadheer al Nsour of Jordon is a Member of Arab Center for Tourist Media.
She found Salalah beautiful for its clean beaches, maintained castles and people’s love for heritage and culture. “I cannot forget this small trip to Salalah.”
“I really appreciate its vastness and variety. What appealed me the most, is the local people’s love for their heritage and culture. I could feel only a slice of Oman while being in Salalah. Will plan to see whole of Oman sometime soon,” she said.
Rudayna Nahas had come from Palestine not as a participant but as a guest of one of the participants.
She was very honest in her statement that Salalah for her was far better than her expectations. “I didn’t expect this much when I heard that the conference venue is 1,000 km away from the capital. I was in for a surprise to see the city’s infrastructure, its beauty and people.”
With a drop of her desire to see Muscat she said, “Muscat must have been more developed, I guess.”