Sultan Qaboos scientific chairs to get further boost

MUSCAT: The Sultan Qaboos Higher Center for Culture and Science on Sunday held a discussion session at its headquarters in the presence of Habib bin Mohammed al Riyami, Secretary General of the Sultan Qaboos Higher Center for Culture and Science. Al Riyami spoke about the intention to develop the centre’s action plan in terms of diversity, innovation and inclusiveness through the involvement of intellectuals and specialists in this field in the presentation of their serious and constructive opinions and proposals. He pointed out that the number of Sultan Qaboos scientific chairs supervised by the Center has so far reached 16 chairs in 12 countries in 14 universities and that the centre seeks to activate these chairs and highlight them on a wider scale.

He added that the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center in Washington, which is supervised by the Center, plays a major role in the teaching and dissemination of Arabic language in the United States of America. The Center oversees the Photographic Society and has been internationally recognized as the most active photography association in the Middle East. In this field, the Oud and Fine Arts societies and other associations have an active role in the cultural arena and have won local, Arab and international awards. The discussion session was attended by a number of officials from various governmental and private cultural institutions in the Sultanate, writers, intellectuals, artists, as well as journalists and media personnel from various local media. — ONA