Success of Omani airports result of hard work

The success of Oman airports is in fact the result of the hard work and painstaking efforts made over the years to set exemplary standards in the sector. There is no achievement without hardships and sincerity. Whatever has been achieved in the Sultanate of Oman in this sector is being appreciated and lauded by international institutions and organisations which evaluate and classify these facilities and infrastructures.
Salalah Airport became the fourth airport in the world in the five star category and classification. This is the first such airport in the world which won this title. This was preceded by Muscat International Airport, which was ranked 61st among the world’s airports. This is the result of the race against time to develop the best air corridors in Oman, and set up highest quality equipment to provide unmatched services to passengers of all nationalities. This is an honest and serious effort to develop the image of the country. This became successful as was expected.
The facilities provided at these airports speak for themselves about the culture of the country and its people who are known for their broader hearts, generosity and permanent smiles on their faces while welcoming guests from all over the world.
The developments achieved by the airports in the Sultanate to form an advanced air transport network support the government’s efforts to diversify sources of income and provide facilities and environment suitable for investments. It also contributes in enhancing the added value of the aviation sector of the country as well helps in providing facilities for tourism and travel sector.
These are the facilities for which there is stiff competition among the countries around the world. These facilities make tourism more attractive in Oman as they increase the capacity and potential for the movement of civil aviation and link airports of the world through the transit facility as well. This strengthens the principles of economic diversification and enrich trade and tourism in particular.
It is worth improving the services and the facilities in line with the development of the airports. Airports project positive image in the minds of the users which reflect the values and principles of the people of the country. The satisfaction level achieved by the airports is visible on the faces of the passengers as well as reflected in international classifications and rankings in the area of civil aviation. This is the proof of the capabilities of work at the airports of the country which are managed by Omanis. These facilities match with international standards and rankings.
Salalah and other airports won reputation for the Sultanate and helped in strengthening the tourism sector. These airports are the faces of countries and continuously greet people.
There is no denying that the road is still long and arduous. It requires constant and continuous work at all levels to achieve the noble objective, and realise the aspirations of the country. This requires the cooperation of all those who hold these responsibilities on their shoulders with open minds and hearts.
We hope that all these efforts made to achieve success will bring positive results, provided these works continued with the same spirit as we have seen in the past. This will win accolades everywhere and become a subject of talk in all capitals around the world.
Oman has proved that it can reach goals which it sets for itself as it enjoys wise leadership. The people of Oman have shown their resilience during the entire process of development in the aviation sector, and it is they who are going to be the ultimate beneficiaries.