Students turning discarded wood pieces into masterpieces

By Ruqaya Al Kindi –

Art can be many things. The tools of the artist can also be diverse—some artists use brushes, others their tongue; some use canvas, others use toast; some use paint, while others use wood.
For artists, there are no specific rules for drawing. Any surface can be turned into a suitable area for drawing. This surface, therefore, does not necessarily have to be papers.
“Khashba”, the Arabic equivalent for “wood”, is the name of a student team from Sultan Qaboos University which participates in the fifth edition of the Money Challenge competition that is organised by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship student Group at SQU.
The idea of the team, as Nooh al Sultani, the head of the team explains, is based on converting wooden pieces into beautiful masterpieces by drawing shapes with shiny colours and wrapping them in a suitable attractive way to be presented as gifts or to be used for decoration or medals.
The four members of the team believe that art is one of the basic pillars of life and one of the main sources that spread beauty through the details and delightful colours that it contains.
The team tend to use the wood, as Nooh pointed out, is because many wood pieces are not consumed properly and we seek to make use of them optimally in a beautiful artistic way. “Seeing art in many forms is one of our inspirations. Art is our constant inspiration,” he added.
“The Money Challenge competition is a youth competition consisting of 20 teams focuses on supporting students at establishing a business with RO 15 only in one month, while attending enriching workshops and guided by distinguished entrepreneurs,” Nooh explained.
“We acquired financial and marketing experiences. We were able to start a profitable project with this little capital of RO 15, can you imagine!!!
The workshops were extremely helpful. We received knowledge on business, E-marketing and Financial management.
The most important goal of the team is reaching out to the local leadership in transforming discarded wooden pieces into beautiful masterpieces that add more beautiful details to everyone’s life.
“Our future plans for the team are using alternative surfaces for painting. We would think of using stones as the next target. We also plan to get deals with major shopping centres to sell and display products for us,” he noted.