For students, teachers are like parents

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Teachers are responsible for what we are today. They are the ones who first inspired us to dream, to have dreams and believe in them. We were not even aware of the word ‘dream’, but our teachers taught us the magic and spirit behind it. To some of us, teachers were the first who cared about our future and the dreams we wanted to achieve. Their most common question to students was, “What would you like to be in the future?” This was the question that paved the way to most of us. It changed the way we looked at life.
Teachers are the first who believed in their students. Without their support and guidance, most students could have lost their way. In the early days of school, teachers used to question us in order to instill us with hope and confidence.
All our dreams began since our teachers believed in us and inspired us to plan our dreams and future.
Each one of us dreamed in the past to become someone different: a doctor, a policeman, a pilot, an engineer, a teacher, a captain and just name any profession. This is how our dreams began, but they became bigger and bigger by the time we grew up.
Perhaps some have not achieved what they dreamed of, but at least they began the journey of their dreams. It’s all because of their teachers’ inspiration. As the adage goes: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Thank you dear teachers, for giving us the spirit.
It’s an undeniable fact that teachers have highly contributed to shaping their students’ personalities and future. As a Turkish saying goes, “A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
Regardless of how positive or negative the attitude of a teacher is, he/ she can definitely make a difference to one’s life. Students kick off their journey of life with teachers from the early years of childhood. For some kids, the journey began at the age of five or earlier perhaps at the kindergarten, and for others, in the first grade of school at the age of six.
In teaching, you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work; it is invisible and remains so maybe for 20 years. That is how it works because the outcomes are not always tangible. However, teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions.
All successful people, leaders and decision-makers have been taught by teachers either at school, college or university.
Dear honourable teachers, you are all very admirable and respectable. You have left no stone unturned to feed students with knowledge and enlighten them with experiences. You are more than just teachers, but fathers, brothers and friends. Likewise, female teachers are mothers, sisters and friends for the girls.
As today, schools are celebrating the Teacher’s Day, It’s time to acknowledge the commendable devotion of all teachers towards their students. At such moments of celebration, our feelings deep down in our hearts are mixed with happiness and thankfulness to our teachers. We are really grateful to them. May Allah bless all teachers in the world.
Thank you, teachers.