Student companies’ innovation on show at Nizwa exhibition

NIZWA, NOV 9 – The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in association with the National Centre for Vocational Guidance at the Ministry of Education, has organised a two-day exhibition at the Nizwa Grand Mall. The student companies’ exhibition, participated by 22 students from schools, colleges and institutes in Al Dakhiliyah, was held under the auspices of Shaikh Muslim bin Mohammed al Wahshi, Governor of Manah. Shaikh Ahmed bin Nasser al Abri, Majlis Ash’shura member representing Nizwa, Hamad bin Said al Rubkhi, Chairman of the Board of the OCCI in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, and Falah bin Ahmed al Ruqeishi, Director of OCCI in the governorate, attended the event.

The National Youth Committee and the Institute for Vocational and Administrative Training, besides four companies of college students, participated in the exhibition. On the second day, a training workshop was held for the participating student companies at the OCCI. Speaking on the occasion, Hamad bin Said al Rubkhi said, “This exhibition is part of the joint efforts made towards spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and encouraging the establishment and development of student companies. The small and medium enterprises established on innovative ideas will contribute to strengthening the national economy.

Therefore, we seek at the OCCI to encourage the younger generations to enter the labour market by giving them the confidence, knowledge and capabilities they need.” The student companies came out with many promotional products, which ranged from handicrafts, food stuff, woolen and pottery items. The exhibition, aims to create a culture of entrepreneurship among students, encourages students to compete and innovate. It also aims to introduce different opportunities in the labour market.