Striking example of Omani architecture

MUSCAT: In a recently published report by the Melbourne-Based Lonely Planet journal, the biggest travel guides round the world, which is owned by BBC Global, hailed the architectural design of Muttrah Fish Market which was opened in Muttrah recently. It said that the Muttrah Fish, Vegetable and Fruits Market is standing as a striking example of architecture that seamlessly blends the old with the new. Designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and modern while also being functional, the 4,000-square metre market includes a meeting space for locals and tourists to mingle, affording visitors the opportunity to truly soak in the atmosphere.
The 4,000-square metre market includes a public meeting space. Located west of Muscat, along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, the nation’s newest landmark was designed by Snohetta, an architecture firm based in Oslo, Norway. Created to serve as a focal point for the community of Muttrah, as well as a hub for Oman’s thriving fishing industry, the new market stands at the country’s largest harbour, not far from the old fish market that dates back to 1960.
It also said that the architectural concept is inspired by the playful qualities of light and shadow through the shape of a double radial wall defining the spine of the new fish market. At street level, the new market forms a shaded canopy with organised spaces beneath it. With a design based on the flow of Arabic calligraphy, the canopy has been constructed from aluminium fins in order to provide shade, natural ventilation and a modern appearance. — ONA