Stone for RO 100 million poultry project in Ibri

IBRI: Foundation stone was laid on Sunday for the RO 100 million Namaa Poultry Project in Al Safaa area in the Wilayat of Ibri under the auspices of Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The project starts from hatchery to distribution and is expected to produce 66,000 tonnes of white meat in the first five years. Along with existing producers, the project will drive the self-sufficiency of Oman in poultry sector from the current 36 per cent to 70 per cent by 2030. With 240 poultry breeding sheds the project has a capacity to produce 100 million eggs per year to meet the project’s need of chicks as well as the needs of poultry breeders and small and med-sized enterprises. Dr Sajwani stressed the importance of the project to meet the demand for white meat in the Sultanate by a percentage of up to 80 per cent in the next years.

He added, the implementation of food security projects is being complemented one by one stemming from importance in realising self-sufficiency of food products which are contributed by the Oman Food Investment Holding (OIFC) and its subsidiaries. He added that such projects stir the local markets in the governorates and provide business opportunities for SMEs. The project plans to employ approximately 735 staff at full capacity with an Omanisation ratio of 35 per cent. The project is likely to involve multiple stakeholders at different stages in terms of suppliers, construction vendors, retailers and distributors and would in turn generate significant employment opportunities within Oman.

Saleh bin Mohammed al Shanfari, CEO of Oman Food Security Company, Chairman of Namaa Poultry Company, said that laying the foundation stone for Namaa Poultry Company, one of the largest food production projects in the Arab world, comes in continuation of the projects of the Omani Food Security Company in the Sultanate, which works to enhance self-sufficiency of meat products and derivatives and enhance the added value of these productive projects at all levels in the Sultanate, thus contributing to the advancement of food industries in the Sultanate and achieving food security. — ONA