Staying in shape during Covid-19 through Yoga

Salalah: Fitness is everybody’s concern during the compulsions of staying at home in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Some diet experts are suggesting immunity booster diets, while others are suggesting physical activity to keep fit even if people are confined in their houses.

Physical fitness equipment like treadmill and exercise cycles are effective tools for physical activity at home but everyone does not have this available at their homes.

Yoga, which has been widely accepted as healthy indoor physical activity, is gaining momentum among those who know the nuances of doing it and finding beneficial in maintaining their mental and physical health.

Yoga enthusiast Vandana J admits that she is able to maintain her physical activity requirements by doing Yoga daily for one-and-a-half hours. “During normal days I am doing daily walk at the Salalah’s Old Airport walking stretch to control my weight and other physical fitness issues, but it has been totally stopped now. Thankfully I have been practicing Yoga for the last 20 years and I am finding it handy in managing physical fitness regime by doing certain yoga postures.”

“It has been so useful that despite being working from home and not doing any other physical activity apart from Yoga, I have neither gained weight nor I am feeling too stressed. By being at home continuously for so many days do have its impact on your mental wellbeing, but it is easy to manage if you are practicing some yoga postures and some sets of meditation,” she said.

The question is there for those who do not have exposure to Yoga as well. To cater to this segment of people, there are organisations like Art of Living and others which are offering online classes to keep them mentally and physically fit.

The Art of Living is quite active in Oman and offering online sessions for all segments of people. It conducted many online sessions during the restriction period and has lined up many more to keep people fit physically and mentally.

Ajay Khimji, Art of Living Chairman in Oman, called upon people to turn this crisis situation into opportunity by learning new skills like learning new languages or doing Yoga and meditation to keep fit.

“We have lined up four-day online ‘Happiness Programme’ from April 27 to April 30. It is a bundle of breathing exercises called (Sudarshan Kriya), meditation and light yoga,” he said and added that people are tuned to online platforms and there has been very good response for the course.

He admitted that some Omanis also have shown interest in joining the Yoga sessions.

Commenting on programme benefits, he said: “It reduces stress and anxiety; you get to learn new techniques of mind management and meditation, as Yoga relaxes, refreshes and rejuvenates.”

He also put stress on adopting Ayurvedic diet to boost immunity, as much talk is going on boosting immunity during the Corona crisis around the world. “There will be special sessions by consultants from Sri Sri Tattva Clinic Oman that will give tips on how to boost your immunity.”

Many other online engagements have been lined up to cater to the fitness needs of the people, he said.