Stay safe during storm

While all the machineries in the Sultanate are put on maximum alert in preparation to face Mekunu, authorities also came up with steps to be taken before the tropical cyclone strikes.
In an advisory note the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) urged citizens and residents to ensure that the buildings they stay in has enough strength to withstand the storm.

“If the centre of the storm’s eye passes directly over your place, then there will be lull in the wind and rain will be lasting for half an hour or more, but remember that strong wind will return suddenly from the opposite direction, frequently with even greater force”, warns the note.
PACA asks people to find out a safe place inside the house to be a shelter for the members of the family and remain indoors and avoid going out unless necessary.
“Tightly close the doors and windows and reinforce them with wood panelling. Disconnect all electrical appliances”, advises the note.
It asks to follow the weather warnings being issued at regular intervals by the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre through radio and other mediums.
“Avoid being misled by rumours and be sure to take the right information from official sources”, it said.
Also, it urged that spare batteries should be kept for this purpose apart from filling fuel tanks of the vehicle and storing enough water.
Other precautionary measures to be taken include keeping away from low lying areas like beaches, which may be swept away by high tides, storm waves and flowing wadis.
“If you happened to be in the car at the time of the cyclone, leave immediately to the nearest safe place so as not to encounter strong winds”, The PACA note advises.
Be calm so that your ability to meet emergency will increase and inspire you to help others, it said.