Stay healthy while holidaying

MUSCAT, JUNE 9 – As the holiday season started and holidaymakers are looking for cooler places to escape the summer heat, the ministry of health has issued guidelines to travellers. According to the ministry, the travellers should ensure that they carry enough medicines as per the advice of the doctors. “Depending on where you travel, vaccines can protect travellers from serious diseases. Not only they help keeping you healthy while travelling, but also prevent you transmitting any diseases home to your family and friends”, the advisory from the ministry said.

For those with chronic diseases, the ministry advises patients to ensure they have enough medicine in stock in accordance with the duration of the holidays. “Patients should carry medicines in hand luggage as suitcases may be delayed or even can be lost in transit. The travellers should also check if the medication requires a letter and prior approval from the airport and airline”, it said. Travellers have also been advised to carry a first-aid kit containing painkillers, sanitisers and other important tools. This helps to deal with minor medical emergencies and to control bigger emergencies until medical support arrives.

It is important to avoid bug bites like mosquitos and crowded places while travelling. Travellers are advised to cover exposed skin: wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. To avoid swollen feet during long flights, travellers should move around as much as they can to get blood flowing. “Your circulation is already slow when you’re sitting for hours, so don’t cut it off even more by crossing your legs. They should also drink sufficient amount of water so that you don’t get dehydrated”, it said.