Stay away to stay closer forever

Muscat: Staying away for maintaining social distancing in the crisis time of COVID-19 pandemic will reward you with longer stay with your near and dear ones. For this, a senior consultant advised people to “stay away from each other for a while so that they can stay close forever.”

“Staying away from each other is one of the credos of the COVID-19 that has not been followed by some people. That resulted in the escalation of cases in the country,” said Dr Faryal Ali Khamis, Senior Consultant and Head of Infection Diseases Section – Internal Medicine Department at the Royal Hospital.

The MoH has also found a lack of social distancing among some people resulted in the rapid surge in the number of cases in the country.

Family get-togethers, gathering of youths with friends outside and even inside vehicles have contributed to the rise of cases.

“This wrong behaviour led to 104 deaths in just three weeks,” she said and added the number of COVID-19 patients has increased from 25, 000 to 47,000 in three weeks.

“Although we expected 1,500 Patients daily, the number has increased beyond that due to irresponsible behaviour.”