State Council to discuss the draft law on doctors, allied professions today

Muscat, Feb 4 – The State Council will discuss the draft law “Organising the Practice of Medicine and Allied Medical Professions” on Monday in a session chaired by Chairman Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri During the session, the Council will discuss the draft law, which was forwarded by the Council of Ministers and the report of the Social Committee.
The agenda of the session includes the opening address by the State Council Chairman, approval of the minutes of the second and third sessions of the fourth annual session of the sixth term.
The Council on Wednesday will discuss the proposal submitted by the Economic Committee on “Amending the Economic Development Law issued by Royal Decree No. 9/75.” During the session, the Council will also be briefed on a number of reports submitted by the members of the Council and letters received from the concerned authorities, as well as the report of the Secretariat on the activities of the Council.
Discussion on draft law of statistics and information
The Economic Committee of the State Council discussed the draft law on statistics and information forwarded by the Council of Ministers as per the stipulations of Article 58 (bis) (37) of the Basic Law. It was earlier approved by the Majlis Ash’shura and referred it to the State Council. The meeting approved the minutes of the previous meeting.