State Council launches logo for traffic safety contest

925491=MUSCAT: ‘Driving with Commitment-Safety is in your hands,’ is the official slogan of the State Council for its participation in the national Traffic Safety Competition. Dr Khalid bin Salim al Saidi (pictured), Secretary-General of the State Council, has expressed his delight regarding the participation, for it seeks to intensify awareness, create, and enhance traffic safety culture, thereby contributing to the community efforts by deepening the sense of responsibility in society towards traffic safety.
The logo aims to instil a strong sense of responsibility among drivers and road users, and emphasise on commitment to systems and traffic laws, to help reduce accidents and ensure traffic safety.
It also reminds the motorists of the implications of road accidents and that their safety depends on their decision. He added that the slogan launches the Council’s involvement in traffic safety competition and marks the beginning of the activities designed by the Council.
The integrated task has the support of representatives from the General Secretariat and various departments of the Council to enable them to formulate plans for the traffic safety competition.
The logo displays the Council’s dedicated interest in its participation in the traffic safety competition, which has proved to be effective and influential in terms of raising traffic awareness through the involvement of various public institutions and organisations in the private sector to contribute collectively to achieve the goals and objectives of traffic safety.
Dr Khalid explained that the Council would launch activities for all age groups by using all its available facilities, to generate traffic awareness across the population to successfully develop consciousness towards traffic safety and instil responsible road usage behaviour. It will attempt to inform, persuade and motivate the population to change its attitudes and behaviours to improve road safety, using organised communications involving specific media channels.