State Council discusses sports clubs in Oman

MUSCAT: The Social Committee of the State Council on Monday hosted Dr Wafa Salim Ali al Harrasy, Deputy Head of the social committee and Abdul Bast Sulaiman al Abry, Head of the Hamra Sports Club. The meeting held in the presence of the members of the committee and the staff of the Secretariat as part of the committees’ study entitled ‘the reality of services provided by sports clubs and their access to community service.’ The committee’s hosting of the sports sector officials is aimed at adding value to the study through proposals and views to develop clubs, along with the efforts made by the Ministry of Sports in this regard.
The committee discussed the services of the clubs, the main challenges and difficulties facing the work of clubs and proposals for solutions for the development and upgrading of clubs to meet the aspirations and needs of society. The committee reviewed the future insights of the clubs and their interest in investments to improve their physical status to effectively play their role, as well as the extent to which laws and legislation on clubs are keeping abreast with the currently prevailing ones and their plans to improve and develop their roles. It discussed their view of the trends and views on the privatisation of sports clubs. During the meeting, the minutes of the committee’s previous meeting were validated, follow-up to the implementation of the decisions taken as well as an update of the work performed.