State Council discusses committee proposal about on-the-job training

MUSCAT: The State Council Office on Tuesday discussed the proposal which the Education and Research Committee would like to consider in its study on the ‘Development of the on-the-job Training’ under the chairmanship of Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council.
The Office hosted Dr Abdullah bin Mubarak al Shanfari to discuss the proposal aimed at studying the current reality related to the role of teaching towards giving the learner more practical skills necessary to enter the labour market and formulating a clearer vision for linking theoretical teaching with practical aspects.
The Office also decided to forward the proposal to the plenary session of the council after incorporating the comments made by the members. The Office also hosted Dr Raya bint Salim al Mantheriya to discuss with her the proposal of ‘Language Policy in the Sultanate, its reality, challenges and mechanisms to develop and activate it.’
Dr Raya explained that one of the objectives of the proposal is to study the reality of the use of Arabic language in the Sultanate and highlight its challenges and effects, in addition to proposing a law or an official document for the protection of the Arabic language, as well as putting the appropriate proposals to highlight the position of the language and its uses in various institutions.
The Office decided to forward the proposal to the plenary session of the Council, after including the observations made by the members of the Office. The Office also discussed the proposal by the Education and Research Committee on the study ‘Enhancing the Role of Education in Supporting the Knowledge-based Economy.’
The Office of the Council reviewed the proposal submitted by the Committee on Culture, Media and Tourism on ‘Handicrafts: Heritage and Horizons’, and made remarks about it.
The Office also reviewed the proposal submitted by Dr Ismail bin Saleh al Aghbari and Mohammed bin Ahmed al Rowas on ‘The Participation of the Council in the Seminars and Publications of Salalah Tourism Festival.’
The Office also reviewed the report submitted by Nashaa bint Saud al Kharousiya on her participation in the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
The Office also reviewed the recommendations of Oman Environmental Forum (Second Session-2018) and the recommendations of Al Roya Economic Forum (Seventh Session-2018), in addition to reviewing a number of works by researchers from the Assistant Secretariat General for Information and Research, and the follow-up report of the activities of the Committees during the period between the previous Office meeting and this meeting.
The Office set the agenda items for the 10th regular session of the third annual sitting to be held on June 26, 27, as well as the evaluation of the eighth and ninth ordinary sessions of the current sitting held on May 3 and 15. — ONA