SQU students attend entrepreneurship course

MUSCAT: As many as 12 students selected from various colleges at Sultan Qaboos University are attending the 3-week long entrepreneurship and innovation course organised by the Arab Innovation Academy (AIA) in Doha, Qatar, from December 31 to January 11. The course technology focus of the course includes web and mobile applications, Internet of Things, Big Data and Business Software. The course includes one pre-week course in online mode that lasts for a week and two weeks on site course. The course is organised in partnership with US Berkeley, Stanford University, Google, Qatar Science and Technology.
The Arab Innovation Academy’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme is the largest entrepreneurship course focused on technological innovations in the Pan-Arab region. The goal of the course is to inspire the entrepreneurial and ambitious participants to innovate and prompt rapid growth. The course nurtures the necessary mindset, skills and knowledge, as well as provides the tools and network in order to achieve set goals.
The course is taught through a real-life customer development context where students acquire the skills and expertise to develop their business idea all the way from the conceptual stage to the market place. They are guided in building a scalable business model via real-life experiments at a real marketplace with real customer feedback, and launch the minimum viable product to build real market traction and acquire their first 1,000 customers.
The challenge rolls out in a learning environment corresponding to current and future workplace requirements — cross-functional and virtual teams with crowd-sourced work tasks, multicultural work force and extremely demanding organisation, planning and communication skills.